Agriculture dans la municipalité de Pontiac - Agriculture and farming in the Municipality of Pontiac

Gaining Ground: Feed the Soil to feed the Plant


Gaining Ground is a series of feature articles written about cultural management practices common to all production systems. With a heavy focus on soil management and productivity, Rob Wallbridge, a Quebec farmer and blogger, will tackle a new topic in each article, from the use of cover crops, to integrated weed management and forages in rotation, and all the way through to fly control.

First case of deadly pig virus reported in Quebec


CBC News Posted: Feb 23, 2014 11:09 AM ET
Quebec’s agriculture ministry confirmed the province’s first case of porcine epidemic diarrhea Sunday, a deadly virus that has already killed millions of piglets in the United States.

Known as PED, the virus originated in China before arriving in the United States and Canada, where cases have been confirmed in Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba and now Quebec.

Quebec’s first case of PED was detected in test samples from a herd on a farm in the Montérégie region south of Montreal. The pigs have no clinical signs of the illness but agricultural ministry officials now have the farm under quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading.

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Investigation Update (Ontario)


Ontario has confirmed a second case of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) and a third is under investigation. Both are in the Chatham-Kent region.

PED is usually fatal for very young pigs while older pigs can recover. The virus does not affect food safety, nor is it a risk to human health or other animals. Pork remains a safe choice for consumers to eat.

After PED began circulating in the U.S. last year, the province and the pork industry worked together to implement extensive education programs to increase awareness of the disease and promote biosecurity protocols. Since the virus is highly contagious, its presence in Canada is not unexpected and more cases are expected in the coming days and weeks.

US beef prices continue to rise


SEE ALSO: Beef poised for price rise

WHOLESALE beef prices in the US have had a strong start to the year, with end users chasing limited supplies.

Meat and Livestock Australia reports that as at January 10, the Urner Barry Yellow Sheet prices for all reported cutout beef values - including Choice, Select and CAB grades - were notably higher, averaging a 4–5 per cent increase on the week before.

Some of this jump was also attributed to disruption of supplies due to the widespread cold weather. Besides the cutout values, trim prices also increased substantially, especially for fresh 50CL manufacturing beef, which was 12pc dearer than the previous week.

. . .

Le mauvais temps cause une pénurie d’essence dans l’est du pays


Les compagnies pétrolières ne sont pas en mesure pour le moment de dire combien de stations-services sont affectées ou quand un retour à la normale est prévu. Les gérants de ces stations s'arrangent donc tant bien que mal pour satisfaire leur clientèle.

« [Les consommateurs] sont contents parce qu'il faut qu'on charge le prix du suprême, au prix du régulier », explique Marc André Ladouceur, un employé du réseau Ultramar, dans le secteur d'Aylmer à Gatineau.

Mais quand les cuves des stations-service sont vides, les conducteurs n'ont pas le choix de faire le tour des autres points de vente d'essence. Cette situation est particulièrement gênante au moment où des milliers de Canadiens sont sur les routes pour aller célébrer les fêtes de fin d'année en famille.

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Gasoline shortages in Ottawa-Gatineau blamed on weather


Distributors are blaming the weather for recent gasoline shortages in the capital region.

Some stations, including Shell and Petro-Canada, said recent storms have disrupted their supply chain of trucks from as far away as Texas.

Pumps started running dry in northwestern Ontario, but the problem has since moved to the Ottawa-Gatineau.area.

Gary Dubeau said he was unable to travel on Christmas Day.

"Well, I wanted to spend time with my family and because of the shortage of gas in my area, there were no stations at all,” he said.

“In (the) Pontiac area it was all closed.”

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Noël 2013 — Naissance d'une nouvelle tradition



Bruno Alary

À l'approche du temps des fêtes, les usines géantes outre-frontières fonctionnent à pleine vitesse afin d'offrir aux Québécois des piles monstrueuses de produits bon marché fabriqués au détriment de la main-d'œuvre canadienne.

Cette année sera différente. Cette année, les Québécois doivent penser aux leurs, penser à tous les Québécois. Il n'y a plus d'excuse...

Explore some of the Ottawa region's fine wineries


It's hard to think of a more pleasant outing than a drive in the countryside around Ottawa to do a little wine tasting. This is a good time of year for it, with the leaves turning to a blaze of colour and the winemakers busy. If we don't already think of this as a winemaking region, it's about time we did. Here are five places to sample our regional wines.


Why it's worth the visit: What a combination - wine and lavender. Doug Briden and Joanne Labadie have been harvesting grapes and growing lavender on their family farm in West Quebec since 2006.

Follow this step-by-step guide that takes you through the growing process from clove to bulb


For gardeners who enjoy eating the “stinking rose” as well as garlic scapes (flower buds), there’s nothing quite like planting your own cloves of garlic. Furthermore, some of us avid connoisseurs enjoy experimenting with  purchasing different varieties of garlic and seeing which types do best in our hardiness zones, soil type and microclimate growing conditions.

Here at Spiritwood, the 100-acre farm north of Quyon, Quebec (50 km northwest of Ottawa), that my husband and I own, we’ve been planting garlic for years in our organic, raised-bed veggie garden.

Triple mérite agricole pour une entreprise du Pontiac


Une entreprise de paysagement de la région a raflé pas moins de trois prix, vendredi, lors du 124e concours de l'Ordre national du mérite agricole (ONMA).

Basée dans le Pontiac, l'entreprise Les Gazonnières Mountainview s'est vu remettre le troisième rang national dans la catégorie Or, lors de la cérémonie qui s'est tenue à l'Assemblée nationale, à Québec. 


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