Contenu fédérale pertinente a la Municipalité de Pontiac - Federal content relevant to the Municipality of Pontiac

From vivid landscapes to vibrant history, the wild west springs alive in southern Alberta


Katharine Fletcher

“Did you know that the Sundance Kid worked here at Bar U Ranch?” While driving a team of black Percheron horses around the National Historic Site, an hour-and-a-half south of Calgary, Dan Wilson regaled a wagonload of visitors with stories. “Whenever the Northwest Mounted Police would drop by, The Kid would disappear, saying something about a fence to fix.”

At the turn of the last century, Bar U was internationally renowned for its purebred Percheron draft horses and cattle. Today, the sprawling ranch commemorates the heritage of the Canadian ranching industry.

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Waterton Lakes National Park: Avion Ridge


Katharine Fletcher

“Do heights bother you?” asked Alpine Stables’ horse expedition guide Josh Watson? “If not, let’s ride the horses up to Avion Ridge.”

No, heights don’t bother me or my husband Eric Fletcher, so off we went, climbing more than 720 metres to reach this windswept, talus ridge—on horseback! We were in Waterton Lakes National Park, located four hours south of Calgary, in Alberta.
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Bénévoles recherché - Volunteers Wanted


La municipalité est à la recherche de personnes qui offriront leur temps à titre de bénévole pour siéger sur le comité formé en partenariat avec la CCN.

Veuillez laisser vos coordonnées avec Mme Claire Romain à la municipalité (819) 455-2401

The municipality is looking for volunteers to act as members on the committee that was created in partnership with the NCC.

To leave your coordinates, please contact Mrs. Claire Romain at the unicipality at (819) 455-2401

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La Révolte du Chef Pontiac


Pontiac, également appelé Pondiak ou Pondiag par les Français et Obwandiyag par les Outaouais, est un personnage historique important dans l'histoire de l'Amérique du Nord. À cette époque où la Nouvelle-France, conquise, déchue et abandonnée, semblait perdue à jamais, un seul homme semblait être encore prêt à se battre pour elle. Cet homme, c'est le célèbre chef Pontiac.

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Canada's performance in business investment per worker relative to its peers is sliding, led by dismal performances in Quebec and Ontario, according to a new C.D. Howe Institute report. In "Capital Needed: Canada Needs More Robust Business Investment," authors Benjamin Dachis, William B.P. Robson.

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The Ferry Between Quyon, Quebec, and Mohr's Landing, Ontario, Resumes Service


Government of Canada/Public Works — July 10, 2014

QUYON, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - July 10, 2014) - Gordon O'Connor, Member of Parliament for Carleton-Mississippi Mills, on behalf of the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec, and the Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), today celebrated the official re-opening of ferry operations between Quyon, Quebec, and Mohr's Landing, Ontario.

The Government of Canada allocated up to $2,818,000 to the Mohr's Landing & Quyon Port Authority for the construction of the two ferry docking terminals. Of this amount, Canada Economic Development provided $1,518,000, while FedDev Ontario provided $1,300,000, both non-repayable contributions.

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Etiquette for Flying the Flag




I was putting up the flag for Canada Day when I realized I couldn't remember the etiquette or rule for displaying the flag (ie:  stem to the left or right?) .  don't know if anyone else is interested but I thought I'd put it up anyway.

Déploiement du drapeau

Displaying the Flag

Election 2015


S’il vous plait, veuillez me joindre pour annoncer officiellement mon candidature pour le candidat libéral pour le Membre du parlement dans l`élection fédéral 2015.

Vendredi, le 4 juillet 2014, 19h00

Club Lions de Quyon

1 ch Ferry, Quyon QC


Repas léger sera servi.


Eddie McCann

Please join me as I formally announce my candidacy for Liberal nominee for Member of Parliament in the 2015 federal election.

Friday, July 4th, 2014, 7PM

Quyon Lions Hall

1 Ferry Road, Quyon QC

Live music.

Light lunch will be served.

Thank you,

Eddie McCann

Québec's Fête nationale: No Chasse Galérie This Time, Just Stephen Harper Being Mean


Practically everything is closed in Quebec today, except pharmacies and a few corner stores. St. Jean Baptiste Day, the Fête nationale, is one of the two or three holidays when this province shuts down. There will be parades, open air shows (despite a forecast of rain) and many local parties.

But no MPs from Quebec will be here to join in the festivities because they're all stuck in Ottawa, . . .


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