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Public Works Employees Laid Off



Thomas Soulière

Employees of the Municipality of Pontiac’s Public Works department were informed in writing Wednesday this week that, effective next Tuesday (September 6), all workers currently with the department will be laid off at 4:30 p.m. This action comes earlier in the year than is usual and seasonal lay-offs do not usually include all of the Public Works employees. The unusual move was made in the wake of the departure of Division Head Michel Trudel, whose resignation was accepted by Council at a special meeting on August 16.

Municipal electoral boundaries changed to reflect population



Kate Aley

It was announced at June’s council meeting that the electoral boundaries had been changed for the Municipality of Pontiac (MoP). Pontiac 2020 asked MoP communications officer Dominic Labrie some more questions about the changes.

P2020: Why was it necessary to change the boundaries?

Borrowing bylaw for new Beach Barn



Kate Aley

At the May 17 council meeting, a draft bylaw was passed, proposing to borrow $1.5 million in order to finally replace the aging “Beach Barn”, the Lions Hall on Ch. Ferry in Quyon. 

Pontiac asked communications agent for the Municipality of Pontiac (MoP), Dominic Labrie some more questions about the bylaw and the amended plans for the much-needed community center.



Dear Ratepayer,

I wish to ensure that you are informed about the fact that Municipal Council has passed a borrowing bylaw in the amount of $1.5 Million to build a new community center in the Quyon sector (bylaw 05-16).

This loan will cost you $18 more per $100,000 of property assessment for the next 15 or 20 years. At first glance, it doesn’t seem much, but the expenses are accumulating; in the fall of 2015 borrowing bylaw of $2 million for the repair of Mountain Road, in spring 2016 another borrowing bylaw of $2 million for the repair of Dominican Rd and other roads. If you start adding up all of these loans, here’s the approximate impact to your wallet :



Chers contribuables,

Je vous envoie ce petit mot afin d’assurer que vous soyez informés du fait que le conseil municipal a voté en faveur d’un règlement d’emprunt de $1.5 million pour la construction d’un nouveau centre communautaire dans le secteur de Quyon (Règlement 05-16).

Cet emprunt vous coûtera $18 de plus en taxes pour chaque tranche de $100,000 d’évaluation de vote propriété. A prime abord ça ne semble pas beaucoup d’argent mais les dépenses s’accumulent; à l’automne 2015 un règlement d’emprunt de 2 Millions pour la préparation du chemin de la Montagne, en mai 2016 un règlement de 2 millions pour la réparation du ch. des Dominicains et autre divers chemins.  Si on additionne le tout, voici l’impact approximatif sur votre portefeuille:

People, get ready: planning for disaster as a community



Kate Aley

We all know that being prepared for an unexpected emergency as individuals is vital. How to be prepared as a community seems less clear. I asked communications agent Dominic Labrie about what we now have in place to help keep the people of Pontiac safe. Does the Municipality currently have a disaster plan?

Municipality of Pontiac (MoP): Yes, right now it is in phase 1.

P2020: When was it created?

Mayor Larose's open letter


Unedited version of Mayor Larose's open letter published in this week The Equity


   As you know, the Councillor of district no. 2 (Quyon) was deemed ineligible to sit on the municipal Council by a Superior Court of Quebec judge, because of infringements to the Quebec Elections Act.

Lettre ouverte du Maire Roger Larose


Version francaise (non

éditée) de la lettre

ouverte du Maire

Larose parue dans

le Equity cette



   Comme vous le savez, le conseiller du District 2 (Quyon) a été jugé inhabile à siéger au conseil municipal par un juge de la Cour supérieure du Québec en raison d’infractions à la Loi électorale du Québec.

UPDATE - McCann Off Council



Thomas Souliére

As of 4pm on May 11th, has learned that Edward McCann has been removed from serving as councilor in Quyon ward in the Municipality of Pontiac.  McCann, who previously served as a councilor and mayor of Pontiac up to the election in 2013, had won a by-election in ward 2 after councilor Denis Dubé was forced to resign to focus on personal family matters.  McCann served since his election to the ward until today's judgement.

This leaves ward 2 in Pontiac's historic Quyon without a representative for the second time since 2014 and will most certainly force yet another by-election for one of Pontiac's important areas.


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