La municipalité recherche six (6) personnes prêtes à offrir de leur temps à titre de bénévoles pour dispenser des services à la bibliothèque du secteur Quyon.

Pour vous inscrire, veuillez communiquer avec : R. Denis Dubé, conseiller secteur Quyon, 819-458-2010 ou r.d.dube@live.ca

The municipality is looking for six (6) volunteers who wish to offer some of their time to work at the Quyon Library.

To register, please contact R. Denis Dubé, Councillor or for the village of Quyon, 819-458-2010 or r.d.dube@live.ca.


Review: The Map Thief


Jonathan Crowe

E. Forbes Smiley III was a well-known and well-connected map dealer, an expert who helped build the Slaughter and Leventhal map collections. Then in 2005 he was caughton videotape — stealing maps from Yale University’s Beinecke Library. Libraries he had frequented scrambled to check their own holdings and found additional maps missing. Smiley, who cooperated with the authorities, would eventually be sentenced to 3½ years for stealing nearly 100 maps from the British, Boston Public, New York Public, Harvard and Yale libraries, among others. The libraries believed he stole many more.

. . .


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