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Samedi 9 nov. 2013, 9h00 à 14h00 à l’école Onslow, 850 rue Clarendon, Quyon. Artisans locaux, produits divers, pâtisseries maison, léger goûter servi.

Contactez Stacy au (819) 458-3657 stacyjohnston30@hotmail.com pour réserver une table.

Campagne de financement pour le comité de parents de l’école Onslow

Bulletin of Pontiac

Sat. Nov 9th, 9am - 2pm, Onslow Elementary, 850 Clarendon St. Quyon. Showcasing local artisans, various local services, Home Baking, Light lunch served.

To reserve a table contact Stacy at stacyjohnston30@hotmail.com or (819) 458-3657.

Fundraising activity for Onslow Home and School Association

AVIS PUBLIC - endroits de votation - scrutin du 3 novembre 2013


Voici les endroits de votation pour le scrutin du 3 novembre 2013.
À noter que les endroits de votation n’ont pas changé sauf pour la division du quartier 1 qui a maintenant une section de vote à Luskville, soit à l’est du chemin Kennedy (inclus).

PUBLIC NOTICE - polling locations for the upcoming elections on November 3, 2013


The following indicates the polling locations for the upcoming elections on November 3, 2013. Please note that these locations have not changed, with the exception of the division of ward 1 which now has a polling division in Luskville, that is, East of Kennedy road (Kennedy included).

Danse d'Halloween et Noël pour adolescent


Parents bénévoles seront sur place pour la surveillance.  Pas de sortie à l'extérieur, sauf pour la retour à la maison.  Une cantine sera offerte.

Pour les jeunes de la 6ième jusqu'à moins de 18 ans.  (Carte d'indetité obliqatoire)

Le vendredi 1er november et 6 decembre de 19h00 à 22h00 au Centre communautaire de Luskville.  Coût: 2$ par personne.

Danse Halloween: Prix pour le meilleur costume !!

Halloween and Christmas Dance for Teenagers


Volunteer parents will be present for supervision.  No exit outside the hall unless for departure.  A canteen will be available.

For youth Grade 6 to less than 18 yrs old.  (ID card required)

On Friday November 1st and December 6th from 7:00 - 10:00pm at the Luskville Community Center.  Cost: $2 per person.

Holloween dance: Prize for Best Costume!!!

UPDATED: All-Candidates Meeting Wards 4, 5 & 6



Thomas Soulière

UPDATED: Questions from the public >

The second of two All Candidates Meetings took place last Sunday at the Luskville Community Centre for candidates running in wards 4, 5 and 6.

The candidates representing Ward 4 were incumbent councilor Inès Pontiroli and newcomer James Eggleton; for Ward 5, incumbent Brian Middlemiss and newcomer Pierre Gervais; and in ward 6 veteran councilor Bill Twolan.  Incumbent councilor Jean Amyotte did not participate.

Question 4: As councilor for the Municipality of Pontiac what is the first thing you would immediately begin to change?



Inès Pontiroli  (Ward 4)

During the last mandate I noticed that it happened that we lost sight of the projects that were underway because there is a lot of moving pieces happening in the Municipality. 

I would like to see is implementation of a Project Management System which will track all the projects that are underway.  We’ll be able to see exactly what the status is, what are the issues going on with each of the projects, have a bit of control of the costs and the risk management aspect of it.

Question 3: As councilor for the Municipality of Pontiac how do you intend to communicate with and inform the community about the decisions that you make?



Pierre Gervais (Ward 5)

As stated earlier, my number one priority is to provide a voice to the residents and ensure that there issues are brought to council.  Just as important is communicating back to them the final outcome.

Question 2: As Councilor for the Municipality of Pontiac in what ways would you encourage and support economic growth in the area?



Bill Twolan (Ward 6)

First of all, to encourage economic growth and development would be to encourage new businesses to set up in the Pontiac.  It’s very difficult right now with the way its set up for commercial property; there’s some in Quyon, there’s a little patch here, and a little patch there.  What we need is an industrial park in the east end, closer to the nucleus of Gatineau and Ottawa.  This is very important also for our population - our young people - to get jobs and find long-term employment.


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