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Irish Counties in Fitzroy Harbour Mission Marriage Records, 1852-1856


by M.C. Moran • 11 June 2014

From 1852, there was a Catholic Mission at Fitzroy Harbour (Carleton Co., Ontario). A stone church (St. Michael’s) was built in 1861;1 but the mission did not become the independent parish of St. Michael until 1917.2 The Fitzroy Harbour Mission served Catholics in the Fitzroy Harbour area, of course, but also, in its early years, Catholics from across the river in the Quyon, Onslow area of Québec.

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Review: The Map Thief


Jonathan Crowe

E. Forbes Smiley III was a well-known and well-connected map dealer, an expert who helped build the Slaughter and Leventhal map collections. Then in 2005 he was caughton videotape — stealing maps from Yale University’s Beinecke Library. Libraries he had frequented scrambled to check their own holdings and found additional maps missing. Smiley, who cooperated with the authorities, would eventually be sentenced to 3½ years for stealing nearly 100 maps from the British, Boston Public, New York Public, Harvard and Yale libraries, among others. The libraries believed he stole many more.

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Heritage Pontiac


Anyone interested in the culture, history, politics, nature or other information on the Pontiac should check out the Heritage Pontiac blog, last updated November 4.  There's also a section on Action Pontiac, a blog by the residents of Pontiac.  There's local histories, info on bicycle trails etc.  Worth a look.


The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame 2013 Inductee: Gavan's Hotel


Sixty-seven years and counting... For all of those years, this venerable old hotel -the “Gateway to the Pontiac”, a phrase coined by Lennox Gavan as quoted in Mick Armitage’s book - has provided a venue for an untold number of performers to showcase their talents and entertain their fans. It’s impossible to name everyone who has graced its stage over all of these years, but a great many of them went on to become members of The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame; names like Ward Allen, Mac Beattie, Buster Brown, Joe Brown and The Family Brown, Ralph Carlson, Ted Daigle, Gaetan Fairfield, Gail Gavan, Donnie Gilchrist, Lloyd Grant, Howard Hayes, Reg Hill, Ron McMunn, Charlie Muldoon, Don O’Neill, Michael O’Reilly, Orval Prophet, Wayne Rostad, Garnie Scheels, Shirley Sinclair, Joe Teevens, Edie Thomas ...

L'Outaouais d'avant, en images


L'historien Marcel Paquette nous offre L’Outaouais, le cœur à l’ouvrage, un panorama contenant 180 photos d'archives commentées couvrant la période 1860 à 1960.

Les photos proviennent de la collection de l’auteur, des Archives publiques du Canada, des Centres d’archives de Montréal et de Québec de BAnQ et surtout des collections du Centre d'archives de l'Outaouais de BAnQ.

Pourquoi avoir choisi ce titre?

«Le titre provient de la grande capacité des gens de l’Outaouais de se relever rapidement des grandes catastrophes: gigantesques conflagrations comme à Hull en 1900, incendies qui détruisent de nombreuses maisons, explosions meurtrières, inondations... Dans les archives, on constate que rapidement les gens relèvent leurs manches, reconstruisent, reprennent le travail, ne se laissent pas abattre. La force de leur caractère, de leur courage et de leur travail démontre tout le «cœur à l’ouvrage» dont ils témoignent quotidiennement...

Aylmer se souvient


Des centaines de personnes ont pris place autour du cénotaphe du parc Commémoratif, ce monument élevé pour honorer la mémoire de ceux qui sont tombés au combat. Malgré la neige fondante et le vent, ils sont demeurés debout tout au long de la cérémonie. Les dignitaires se sont succédé pour déposer une couronne florale au son des cornemuses.

The Legend of "The Shawville Express"


I was born in Ottawa in 1925, the eldest child of Maye Horner and Frank Finnigan, both then aged twenty-four. The year before, my father, known then throughout the Ottawa Valley hockey circuit and later throughout the hockey world as "The Shawville Express," had signed his first National Hockey League contract for $1,800 per season with the Ottawa Senators. Bonuses from Frank Ahearn, owner of the Senators, brought my father's salary for that first year up to $3,400...

200th Anniversary of Chief Tecumseh


October 5 was the anniversary of the Battle of the Thames in southern Ontario.  During the battle the great Shawnee Chief Tecumseh was killed, trying to repel an American invasion into Canada.  He was a truly great warrior, leader and spokesperson for First Nations people during the early part of the nineteenth century. He died defending our country.

To learn more about this forgotten figure click on the link below:



Ancient landslides offer clues to powerful earthquake that rattled Ottawa


Very close to 1000 AD, an earthquake estimated at a magnitude of 6.1 — or possibly stronger — shook this region enough to cause 10 major landslides.

One of them, at Quyon, covered an area of 31 square kilometres stretching back from the Ottawa River along the Quyon River valley.

And scientist Gregory Brooks, who studied the slides, says the same seismic conditions are present today.

That means a big earthquake like the one Brooks studies, though very rare, could happen again.

Take step back in time as you “Savour the Pontiac”


2013 marks the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s passage up the Ottawa River in search of navigable waterways and this is being commemorated at the 6th edition of the local producers fair, Savour the Pontiac.

The event will see the Quyon waterfront and Lions Hall transformed into a 17th century marketplace where local business owners, artists, artisans and producers will be dressed in period costumes.

Pontiac: Warrior and Peacemaker


A noble warrior of the 18th century, Pontiac, chief of the Algonquian-speaking Odawa (or Ottawa) tribe that settled in Ontario, became a peacemaker later in life.

Discussion sur le zonage d'Aumont avec Labrie et Larose 13DEC201

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