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Québec's Fête nationale: No Chasse Galérie This Time, Just Stephen Harper Being Mean


Practically everything is closed in Quebec today, except pharmacies and a few corner stores. St. Jean Baptiste Day, the Fête nationale, is one of the two or three holidays when this province shuts down. There will be parades, open air shows (despite a forecast of rain) and many local parties.

But no MPs from Quebec will be here to join in the festivities because they're all stuck in Ottawa, . . .

Irish Counties in Fitzroy Harbour Mission Marriage Records, 1852-1856


by M.C. Moran • 11 June 2014

From 1852, there was a Catholic Mission at Fitzroy Harbour (Carleton Co., Ontario). A stone church (St. Michael’s) was built in 1861;1 but the mission did not become the independent parish of St. Michael until 1917.2 The Fitzroy Harbour Mission served Catholics in the Fitzroy Harbour area, of course, but also, in its early years, Catholics from across the river in the Quyon, Onslow area of Québec.

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Review: The Map Thief


Jonathan Crowe

E. Forbes Smiley III was a well-known and well-connected map dealer, an expert who helped build the Slaughter and Leventhal map collections. Then in 2005 he was caughton videotape — stealing maps from Yale University’s Beinecke Library. Libraries he had frequented scrambled to check their own holdings and found additional maps missing. Smiley, who cooperated with the authorities, would eventually be sentenced to 3½ years for stealing nearly 100 maps from the British, Boston Public, New York Public, Harvard and Yale libraries, among others. The libraries believed he stole many more.

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Heritage Pontiac


Anyone interested in the culture, history, politics, nature or other information on the Pontiac should check out the Heritage Pontiac blog, last updated November 4.  There's also a section on Action Pontiac, a blog by the residents of Pontiac.  There's local histories, info on bicycle trails etc.  Worth a look.



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