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Tuesday, September 09, 2014 I4C defeats Quyon in first game of the Final Weekend Showdown


I4C Victory faced the Quyon Flyers in the first game of the Final Weekend Showdown tonight in Manotick. Due to scheduling conflicts, the game which was supposed to be played on Friday was played tonight.

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Margay Karts and Le Circuit Quyon (LCQ) Karting Seek Dealers Across Canada


Following Margay’s successful rebirth into the Canadian karting market over the past two seasons, Margay Racing and Le Circuit Quyon (LCQ) Karting are looking to expand their reach across the country by attracting new product dealers.

With LCQ operating in Canada’s Capital Region (Ottawa-Gatineau), dealers are being sought for the remainder of Ontario and the Eastern provinces. There is also interest in having Margay represented in Western Canada.

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Shawville Pontiacs Matinée Tilt


The Shawville Pontiacs hit the road today for Stittsville for their first matchup of the season against The Royals at the Goulbourn Recreational Complex at 2:30pm today.

Vegas is currently in 4th place in the divisional standings, with top goal-getters Captain Julian Dumont and Assistant Liam Poirier leading in points with 9 and 8 points respectively, placing them at #7 and #8 in the top 25 scoring leaders in the Eastern Ontario Junior Hockey League.  These are two exceptional hockey players, among many on the Pontiacs roster.

Take in a game and see for yourself this source of local pride in action.  You won't be sorry.


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