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The End of the Shawville Pontiacs


To the Pontiac Juniors supporters and fans:  listen; the upcoming 2014-2015 Season may very well be the end of Junior B Hockey in Shawville. The team doesn’t want to go quietly into the night and their fate will rest in YOUR hands.

Team President Ryan Barber has been with the Juniors for three seasons, and this year there is a challenge forming between the Pontiac Juniors and the Eastern Ontario Junior Hockey League (EOJHL).

Ryan and the Shawville team are on a mission of raising awareness, because plans are in the works where the EOJHL will no longer exist in the 2015-2016 Season. This is a league where the Pontiac Juniors have been a part of it for 29 years. This is a league that has been around since 1966 and is one of the biggest in Canada.

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Waterton Lakes National Park: Avion Ridge


Katharine Fletcher

“Do heights bother you?” asked Alpine Stables’ horse expedition guide Josh Watson? “If not, let’s ride the horses up to Avion Ridge.”

No, heights don’t bother me or my husband Eric Fletcher, so off we went, climbing more than 720 metres to reach this windswept, talus ridge—on horseback! We were in Waterton Lakes National Park, located four hours south of Calgary, in Alberta.
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Quyon Clinches 1st Place With Win Over Stittsville


by Moe Laframboise

The Quyon Flyers visited Alexander Grove Park Wednesday night for a Greater Ottawa Fastball League matchup with the 56ers with first place on the line.  The Flyers handed the ball to Matt Greer while Stittsville countered with Darren Featherstone.  Both went the distance in what was not exactly a pitcher’s duel.

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