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The PQ Charter’s Unintended Consequences


Jonathan Crowe

The Parti Québécois saw its Charter of Values a vote-getter, a popular measure intended to help it win the next election. Well, obviously it didn’t. The conventional wisdom during the campaign was that the electorate was more in favour of the Charter than against it, but the Charter was well down on the list of priorities. Since the PQ’s rout at the polls earlier this month, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Charter did the PQ more harm than good.

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WQSB Contracts Audited


by Jonathan Crowe

The Pontiac Journal reports the results of an audit the Western Quebec School Board commissioned into its own procurement and contracting policies, this done in the wake of allegations of impropriety involving a WQSB director and a construction company.  But buried in the lede, and apparently unrelated to the O’Shea allegations, are revelations that contracts were done rather sloppily:

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Walmart and Organic Food: Help or Hype?


by Rob Wallbridge
The Fanning Mill

According to a news release published yesterday and widely parroted around the web, Walmart is poised to takes its “lowest price is the law” approach to some of its organic offerings, promising to make organic food “affordable” to all. According to their own research, 91% of its shoppers would buy organic food if the price were the same. By partnering with the Wild Oats organic food brand, they plan to introduce a line of organic products priced the same as non-organic equivalents.

On the surface, it sounds do-able. As I’ve pointed out before, the organic premium is largely a factor of economies of scale in transportation, processing, marketing, and distribution, as well as the laws of supply and demand that allow all players in the food chain to earn a little extra along the way (whether they’ve incurred all that extra cost or not). This also means that the premium paid to the grower is rarely directly reflected in the retail price.

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Why I'm not an "Agvocate"


by ModernMilkmaid

Advocating for agriculture is a worthwhile goal, no doubt. But who knows what being an agvocate means? Other agvocates. Your typical non farmer thinks you just spelt advocate wrong. The label serves only to identify yourself to others in the industry, most often those who farm the same way you do.

Lately, I’ve become frustrated and disillusioned with where I see agvocacy heading, primarily on twitter. Calling consumers ignorant, stupid, uneducated, brain dead, or scientifically illiterate for not understanding the industry is common. For many farmers, it’s the only life they’ve known.

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Organic farmer speaks out for GMO co-existence: Labeling might break impasse for the reasonable


The emails usually start arriving in April. “Do you sell organic vegetable transplants for home gardens?” they usually ask because “I want to avoid planting GMO tomatoes and peppers in my garden.” That’s strange as there are no GMO tomatoes or peppers.

A few weeks ago, I received this helpful list of organic and non-GMO seed suppliers via Facebook, with the comment, “a ‘lot’ of seeds planted in gardens are ‘unknown’.”

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Frank O'Dea


I watched Frank O'Dea on the news today:

In 1971 he was living in a flophouse, and buying wine with his buddies for 99 cents.  They would sit on their stoop and talk about how things would be different tomorrow.  They never were.

Today he is known as the co-founder of Second Cup.   He has a new book out "Do the Next Right Thing"

Sounds like an interesting read.

Here's a link to his webpage





So, what kind of winter do you think we are going to have?  More snow and colder temperatures.  David Phillips of Environment Canada thinks it will be that way.  The Farmer's Almanac says a mild winter (???) and with less snow (??? again)

I'm going with more snow and colder temps.


Merry Christmas Pontiac!



Thomas Soulière

In the Municipality of Pontiac, we are blessed to have such an amazing place to call our own.  Along with the beautiful scenery, we are also blessed by the scores of great people who call the Municipality of Pontiac their home.  The incredible history of this area, not well known to many, is an endowment that we today must protect and defend.  In the Pontiac, we serve as an example of linguistic and cultural harmony to not only the rest of Québec and Canada, but to the whole world.  Sounds lofty, but I will endeavor to demonstrate that very fact in 2014!

The traditions and heritage of this area are something I have come to understand flow from the people of this area and those who came before.  My own combined family history has my ancestors coming from all parts far and wide within the Outaouais Region, all the way to the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula around 400 hundred years ago.  An entire country was forged by the character of the people who built the Ottawa Valley and the Outaouais, . . .


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