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Québec's Fête nationale: No Chasse Galérie This Time, Just Stephen Harper Being Mean


Practically everything is closed in Quebec today, except pharmacies and a few corner stores. St. Jean Baptiste Day, the Fête nationale, is one of the two or three holidays when this province shuts down. There will be parades, open air shows (despite a forecast of rain) and many local parties.

But no MPs from Quebec will be here to join in the festivities because they're all stuck in Ottawa, . . .

Le 15 juin prochain, portez le ruban mauve!


For information in English about World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Démontrez que vous avez le souci de mettre un terme à la maltraitance envers les personnes aînées

La date du 15 juin a été déclarée Journée mondiale de lutte contre la maltraitance envers les personnes aînées. Cette journée a été lancée en 2006 par le Réseau international de prévention contre la maltraitance des personnes âgées pour donner suite au Plan d’action international sur le vieillissement des Nations Unies, adopté à Madrid en avril 2002. « Cette journée est une des excellentes opportunités de partager des informations sur les liens et multiples facettes des abus et négligences envers les personnes aînées. C’est l’occasion de se retrouver et reconnaître les nombreux efforts locaux et régionaux faits pour s’attaquer au problème. C’est aussi une chance pour parler d’une seule voix sur ce sujet important » (Réseau international de prévention contre la maltraitance des personnes âgées).

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The PQ Charter’s Unintended Consequences


Jonathan Crowe

The Parti Québécois saw its Charter of Values a vote-getter, a popular measure intended to help it win the next election. Well, obviously it didn’t. The conventional wisdom during the campaign was that the electorate was more in favour of the Charter than against it, but the Charter was well down on the list of priorities. Since the PQ’s rout at the polls earlier this month, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Charter did the PQ more harm than good.

. . .

Pontiac’s Voting History


by Jonathan Crowe

A graphical look at the Pontiac electoral district’s voting history since 1981. “Nationalist right” includes the Union Nationale, ADQ and CAQ; “separatist left” includes Québec Solidaire and its antecedents as well as Option Nationale.

Obviously this has been a safe Liberal seat for a very long time; what’s interesting is the fluctuation in voter turnout.

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Flood fears lead to close monitoring of Quebec's rivers


Water levels and temperatures no cause for alarm at the moment
CBC News

The spring thaw is settling in and communities around Quebec are on guard against possible flooding.

So far, officials are cautiously optimistic that this spring will not witness scenes similar to those along the Richelieu River in 2011, when communities bordering the water experienced some of worst flooding in more than century.

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