Accidents, catastrophes naturelles, par négligence, etc - Accidents, natural disasters, negligence, etc.

Too big


You are, no doubt, starting to get the idea that I have a 'thing' about fire.

Crazy thing, you see, is this:

During summer - although the grass is sometimes thick and green and the sky is sometimes cool and cloudy - things can seriously burn down anyway. These bonfire flames [seen last week at a lovely local home] were stretching at least 25 feet into the air, all within a spark's access of many tremendously flammable ditches and fields.

Pulling over to see if someone was in danger, I could actually hear the relaxed and appreciative chatter of people sitting happily while they watched. I could also feel the awful heat of the blaze though my car window... from the road, which was at least 20 feet away.

PLEASE please please be careful about what you set fire to until we have an inch of cold, deadening frost. Big thanks.

Big bang theory


I'm a generally hopeful kind of person and tend to believe that good-will prevails and truth and beauty win out. But I feel quite sure that if the Sandy Hook killings did nothing to change the way Americans can get guns, the Orlando nightclub slaughter won't either. Sorry.

People, get ready: planning for disaster as a community



Kate Aley

We all know that being prepared for an unexpected emergency as individuals is vital. How to be prepared as a community seems less clear. I asked communications agent Dominic Labrie about what we now have in place to help keep the people of Pontiac safe. Does the Municipality currently have a disaster plan?

Municipality of Pontiac (MoP): Yes, right now it is in phase 1.

P2020: When was it created?

Sending your love and board games to Attawatpiskat



Kate Aley

Small stuff for us, big stuff for them.The Ottawa Presbytery of the United Church of Canada is seeking supplies and household goods and materials to send to the northern reserve of Attawapiskat, and I am sure I don't need to remind you how desperate and bleak things are up there.

Danger, stranger


As an Australian, the fire danger safety sign is a holy and unquestionable symbol of authority that stands between the community and unspeakable devastation.

Did you know that, as a result of a number of particularly deadly fires, the state of Victoria now has a 'black' rating?

Red denotes 'extreme'. So, the level of danger the colour black designates?

Spaghetti / Dance Fundraiser For Samantha Prud'homme & Her Family !


Pontiac : Une résidence détruite par les flammes


Secteur Quyon – Un violent brasier s’est déclaré vers 5h35, dimanche matin, dans une résidence située au 177 Croissant Bourgeois. Lorsque les pompiers sont arrivés sur place, les flammes s’échappaient par les fenêtres.

Quyon home destroyed in early-morning fire


Ottawa Citizen

A Quyon home was destroyed early Sunday morning after a fire tore through it, causing $152,000 in damage.

The fire broke out around 5:30 a.m. at the home located at 177 Bourgeois Cres. in the municipality of Pontiac.


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