Business profile: Dollar General


Dollar General is owned by Marco Larcher and was opened in November 2015.

The store sells a huge array of housewares, toys and craft materials as well as a helium balloon bar with everything you need for a party. There is also a large grocery section with dry and canned goods as well as fresh bread and milk. Dollar General also has a hardware and petfood section.

Mr. Larcher previously owned a body shop closer to Aylmer, operating the business for 19 years.

He says he enjoys running a business in a rural area. "I am not from the city and I don't want to go to the city," he explained. "It's nice to have a business in the community where I live. I opened this store to help the people around. Previously if you wanted something, you needed to go to another town to get it. My prices are comparitive to shops in the city so people can do their groceries here. The store is for the benefit of the community."

Mr. Larcher hopes to begin stocking fresh produce from local growers this year.

Address: 2300 Route 148

Phone: 891 455 2760

Hours: Open from 9 am to 6 pm every weekday and from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

Dollar General's hours will lengthen soon, staying open on Thursday and Friday until 9 pm.




--- I was extremely impressed, not just at the quality and variety of products for sale at Dollar General but the caring and thoughtful attitude of Marco Larcher.It is a difficult driveway to access -- only possible from the eastern direction - but I believe Dollar General is worthy of your patronage.