Welcome to nowhere, you are here


Someone once described the Pontiac region to me as being 'in the middle of nowhere but close to everything', and that is surprisingly true. I can be driving past the RCMP cars and construction vehicles parked on Parliament Hill in almost 30 minutes from my front gate. 

Having both distance from and proximity to not only a major urban centre but the nation's capital is a unique and potentially useful circumstance. Let's take a bit of time to think about how we can get this to work for us.



agreed! it always boggles my

agreed! it always boggles my mind that the region is still such a secret to most people. When I tell folks I live in luskville, more often than not they ask where it is. It would seem that the 148 ends at Aylmer for all they know! I have great faith that our region will get the awareness it deserves. Lots of wonderful things happening here!