Positive Feedback from Public at Pre-Budget Consultation



Thomas Soulière

The Municipality of Pontiac’s Council held a pre-budgetary public consultation meeting last night, January 6, 2014, at the Community Centre in Luskville to facilitate the discussion between residents and Council in formulating the Municipality’s 2014 budget.

After wishing everyone a Happy New Year and thanking those in attendance, Mayor Roger Larose proceeded to describe the meeting’s format and introduced the special committee formed by Council to oversee the consultation process. 

“Tonight we welcome you to our first public pre-budget meeting," Mr. Larose began.  "This will give [Council] the opportunity to listen to you and to be better informed of your needs and priorities.  During the course of the [coming] years, we will be inviting citizens in each ward to meet with us to continue improving this process.  We have formed a Financial Administration Committee to be able to control the budget.  This committee consists of three Councilors: Brian Middlemiss as the President [along with] Nancy Draper-Maxsom and Denis Dubé as members.  They will be working with the head of the Finance Department, Ginette Chevrier Bottrill.”

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Consultation publique prébudgétaire ce soir - Pre-budget public consultation tonight



Thomas Soulière

Il y aura une consultation publique prébudgétaire tenue ce soir au Centre communautaire de Luskville situé au 2024 route 148 à 19h30.

Le maire et le conseil de la Municipalité de Pontiac invitent les contribuables à prendre part dans le processus budgétaire 2014 pour recevoir et partager des informations pertinentes.

Le budget 2014 pour la Municipalité de Pontiac sera adopté lors de la réunion du Conseil régulière le 14 Janvier 2014.

There will be a pre-budget public consultation held tonight at the Luskville Community Centre located at 2024 Highway 148 at 7:30pm.

The Mayor and Council of the Municipality of Pontiac invite ratepayers to take part in the 2014 budget process to recieve and share relevant information.

The 2014 Budget for the Municipality of Pontiac will be adopted at the regularly scheduled Council meeting on January 14th, 2014.

Un incendie tue 6 animaux de ferme dans le Pontiac


Un important incendie qui s'est déclaré dans une ferme du chemin Hammond, dans le secteur Quyon de la municipalité de Pontiac, a tué six moutons et causé des dommages important à une grange.

C'est un voisin qui s'occupait des animaux qui a constaté l'incendie et appelé les secours vers 11 h samedi matin.

Le bâtiment agricole, qui a été la proie des flammes, a été totalement détruit. Les animaux qui s'y trouvaient, un groupe de six moutons, ont malheureusement péri dans les flammes.

. . .

Six animals perish in Quyon barn fire


A major fire destroyed a barn and killed six animals Saturday morning on a farm in the Quyon sector of Pontiac.

The farm’s owners are out of town. A neighbour who was looking after the animals discovered the fire and called emergency services to the Chemin Hammond property around 11 a.m.

Firefighters were still bringing the fire under control early Saturday afternoon.

Television Alerts


A new series is starting on the AMC channel.  It's called Turn:  America's First Spy Ring.  It takes place during the American Revolutionary War in 1778, and explores the origins of espionage in the time of George Washington.  It's from the same producers as the Walking Dead.

Also Downton Abbey returns for its new season on Sunday January 5th on PBS at 9:00 pm.


Frank O'Dea


I watched Frank O'Dea on the news today:

In 1971 he was living in a flophouse, and buying wine with his buddies for 99 cents.  They would sit on their stoop and talk about how things would be different tomorrow.  They never were.

Today he is known as the co-founder of Second Cup.   He has a new book out "Do the Next Right Thing"

Sounds like an interesting read.

Here's a link to his webpage





So, what kind of winter do you think we are going to have?  More snow and colder temperatures.  David Phillips of Environment Canada thinks it will be that way.  The Farmer's Almanac says a mild winter (???) and with less snow (??? again)

I'm going with more snow and colder temps.



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