The Grace of Stones: Dancing on a Rock Face in Luskville, Quebec


Our group consists of six rock climbers, ranging in skill from novices to experienced lead climbers.  We are located some 30km northwest of Ottawa, in an area called Luskville. It is a community of a few dwellings, a gas station and a shabby mini-mall, all dispersed along Highway 148 amidst grassy fields and rolling hills of the Ottawa valley.  Luskville is well-known among Ottawa’s climbers.  The area houses a few fine climbing spots frequented by sport and lead climbers as well as free soloists and occasional hikers. Just like obscure labels of Luskville’s climbing routes– “Death by Maboola,” “Ethics Police” or “Your Wife” – the names of climbing sections are somewhat baffling, at times explicable, and often an inside joke.  Today, we are headed to the “Eastern Block” and “DownUnder.”

Aylmer se souvient


Des centaines de personnes ont pris place autour du cénotaphe du parc Commémoratif, ce monument élevé pour honorer la mémoire de ceux qui sont tombés au combat. Malgré la neige fondante et le vent, ils sont demeurés debout tout au long de la cérémonie. Les dignitaires se sont succédé pour déposer une couronne florale au son des cornemuses.

Ottawa man arrested following incident in Pontiac


A bizarre story out of Pontiac, where a 19-year-old Ottawa man went on what police believe was a drug-fueled rampage that saw him drive his SUV into the Ottawa River and steal a hunter's rifle.

MRC des Collines Police say a group of hunters spotted the man speeding on an ATV trail in Pontiac on Friday, before driving his SUV into the Ottawa River.

The Legend of "The Shawville Express"


I was born in Ottawa in 1925, the eldest child of Maye Horner and Frank Finnigan, both then aged twenty-four. The year before, my father, known then throughout the Ottawa Valley hockey circuit and later throughout the hockey world as "The Shawville Express," had signed his first National Hockey League contract for $1,800 per season with the Ottawa Senators. Bonuses from Frank Ahearn, owner of the Senators, brought my father's salary for that first year up to $3,400...



Watch an exciting hockey game and help raise money for a great cause at the same time. On Friday night the Shawville Pontiacs host the Renfrew Timberwolves. The night will be focused on the Nugent family particularly Shawville player Brett Nugent who suffered a spinal injury during a game on October 27th.

Caisses de retraite: 26 milliards $ en déficit


Les régimes de retraite sont tous déficitaires au Québec et ils présentent un impressionnant manque à gagner d'au moins 26 milliards de dollars pour 1 300 fonds de pension dans le secteur privé et public.

Il s'agit d'une somme importante qui doit être renflouée par les employeurs dans les coffres de ces 1 300 fonds de pension au Québec, en vertu de la Loi sur les régimes complémentaires de retraite.


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