Mayor Larose's open letter


Unedited version of Mayor Larose's open letter published in this week The Equity



As you know, the Councillor of district no. 2 (Quyon) was deemed ineligible to sit on the municipal Council by a Superior Court of Quebec judge, because of infringements to the Quebec Elections Act.
I would like to review this issue in order to clear the air and ensure that, together, we may all stay focused on what really matters: the improvement of municipal administration and the living conditions of residents.
It is important to understand that this Court decision occurred as a result of an investigation by the Chief Electoral Officer of Québec. It is difficult to claim that this is a political vendetta when a judge and an institution that is responsible for ensuring the Elections Act is complied with, agree that our electoral system has been openly disregarded and that the offence is serious enough to be liable to a 4-year disqualification penalty.

Furthermore, it is necessary to specify the municipality’s role in this matter. As you undoubtedly know, municipalities are responsible for organizing the elections at a local level and to ensure compliance with the rules. This is why, after having received a notice of ineligibility from the Chief Electoral Officer, the municipality took steps to have this decision validated by a judge.
Like you, I deplore the waste of time and energy caused by Mr. McCann’s stubbornness to be a candidate despite the numerous warnings he received from the Chief Electoral Officer.
As mayor of the Municipality of Pontiac, I find it deplorable that certain people are using the Superior Court’s judgement to stir up old resentments and try to make the misfortune of a man, the misfortune of the village.
Mr. McCann was the author of his own misfortune. He must now face the consequences of his actions.
It’s time to turn the page and continue to move forward to further develop the village and our municipality.
Since the beginning of my mandate, several major projects in Quyon were put in place.

We have in particular:
• relaunched the study on the Boulet real estate development project;
• proceeded with the first diagnostic of our water and sewer infrastructures in order to take advantage of a program to upgrade our pipes;
• launched a cooperative housing project for your senior citizens;
• worked toward ensuring the sustainability of the Quyon Ensemble property ;
• and we have relaunched the community centre project in Quyon, in agreement with the Quyon Waterfront Revitalization Committee to present a project that better meets our needs and more likely to be achieved in the short term.

All of this within 2 years.

All of this, because I am more interested in building our community, than being in pictures and giving handshakes.

All of this, because I am present at the Town Hall on a full-time basis in order to ensure that our community’s development is done in a fair manner, in all districts.

My fellow citizens, let us not get distracted. There is much work to be done.

Roger Larose